Knitting & crocheting with alpaca yarn

Hi you gorgeous knitters! We have a range of products for you to knit using Gorgeous alpaca yarn. These come with patterns, needles and anything else you need to complete the product. If you don't need the full kit, there are options to omit anything (for instance knitting needles) that you may already have. 

Simply click on the collections below to see individual images of all the patterns included with each collection.

Alternatively, buy the yarn and create your own work of art.

Knitting & crochet kits

Yarn only

What's in a kit?

As standard, kits include enough yarn to make one product, a pattern booklet, all the yarn you need, bamboo knitting needles, and pompoms (if appropriate to the style). 

Don't Need Knitting Needles?

We supply our kits with bamboo needles, which we recommend because (a) they are light, and (b) they work well with alpaca yarn as less 'slipp' than regular needles. However, if you have knitting needles already, then just select the option 'Pattern and Yarn Only without needles'.

Beginner Recommendation

Can I use Circular Knitting Needles?

All our patterns are worked with single pointed needles. If you prefer double pointed needles or circular needles, the patterns are easy to adapt. Just exclude the first and last st of each row and swap Purl and Knit instructions on the second and all even rows.

Top selling Intermediate Level

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