Style Guide


Beanies are shaped to fit your head, with a neat decrease of stitches at the top around the crown.

Classic styles are more flexible: you can pull them down, roll up the brim to imitate a beanie, or leave hanging long at the back. Classics are gathered at the top not tailored around the crown. They look great with pompoms (faux fur or in matching/contrast alpaca yarn)

Longtails and roll-ups

These have no brim at all, and you simply roll them up as long or as short as you like. Like, the Classics, these look great with pompoms.

To pompom or not to pompom?

This is up to you. All hats can have a pompom (fake fur or in matching yarn) added. Just select your preferred option when you order. However, as a guide, we think the classic style looks better with a pompom, and the beanie needs no pompom

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