Sizing Guide

Head Size - for all hats and ear warmers

All our ready made headwear is available to fit any of the size groups shown (and remember that, if you want something different, just request a bespoke size: 

Head Circumference

Newborn:                                 34cm

Baby (six months):                   39cm

Toddler (12months - 3 years): 44cm

Small Adult/Child:                   48cm

Adult:                                        53cm

Large Adult:                             58cm

Head Height

Newborn:                                 14cm *

Baby (six months):                   15cm *

Toddler (12months - 3 years): 18cm *

Small Adult/Child:                   20cm **

Adult:                                        23cm **

Large Adult:                             24cm **

* All baby/toddler hats come with an additional 3cm roll-up, which not only looks cute, but allows you to extend the hat as they grow.

ie.e actual unrolled hat height = 17cm/18cm/21cm

** Beanies: made to this height

Classics:made with an additional 2cm height (if you want  longer, just state this in the 'bespoke' section of the order)

Longtail Rollovers: made with an additional 9cm height, which allows you to roll it up more for a fitted look, or roll it less for a lovely long and warm hat.

See the Style Guide for images of all these styles.

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