Whether you like to knit, crochet, or just love wearing alpaca we hope you'll find what you like here. They say that once you've gone alpaca, you never go back! Hats don't itch, sweaters are soft and comfortable, and, if you shop at Gorgeous, you are guaranteed chemical free naturally coloured alpaca products. The colours are produced from alpacas blending their yarns to create unique and lovely colours that will also blend with pretty much anything already in your wardrobe.

If you almost like what you see, but not quite, ask for your own bespoke version and we will see what we can do. Just contact us and ask. 

This is a PERFECT beginner's knitting project because: you will be able to hone a quality technique: 1. Firstly, you'll cast on, and then get started with just one stitch, Knit, to create the Garter Stitch pattern on one side of the cushion.

2. On the second side of the cushion you will learn the next stitch, Purl, to create the Stocking Stitch pattern.

3. Then we mix up the two stitches to create the Moss Stitch pattern, and include buttonholes.

4. You'll cast off, and sew up with mattress stitch.


By the end of this work you will be a great knitter! !


Supplied with 250gm Gorgeous Aran made from 50% baby* alpaca /50% baby* merino, 5.5mm needles, a darning needle, four 5cm buttons.The mix of baby alpaca and merino means it both super soft and easy to knit with. The colour of this yarn is parchment (a lovely off-white/ cream colour).


* "baby alpaca" means the fleece used has a very fine micron and is therefore especially soft, not that we stole the fleece from a baby cria!


Knit Kit - Supersoft Aran Alpaca Cushion

Cushion Pad £5
Kit Contents

We guarantee you will have enough yarn to complete this project. If you are short of yarn, please just contact us and we will send you as much yarn as you need to complete the project. 

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