Whether you like to knit, crochet, or just love wearing alpaca we hope you'll find what you like here. They say that once you've gone alpaca, you never go back! Hats don't itch, sweaters are soft and comfortable, and, if you shop at Gorgeous, you are guaranteed chemical free naturally coloured alpaca products. The colours are produced from alpacas blending their yarns to create unique and lovely colours that will also blend with pretty much anything already in your wardrobe.

If you almost like what you see, but not quite, ask for your own bespoke version and we will see what we can do. Just contact us and ask. 

Hat made for you with 100% alpaca yarn, available in stripes or plain. This hat is designed to either hang back long from your head, or to be rolled up at the front. You can pull it down over your brow on windy cold days, it let it sit back behind your hairline for a comfy feel on a warm winter day. It's essentially a hat that allows you to 'design' your own look and change it whenever you feel like it.

Ultra lightweight Roll-up Hat

Faux Fur PomPom

We are happy to refund all returns on receipt. Please email us as soon as you can to let us know if you are unhappy with any element of the product. If you return the product, please let us have a copy of your postage costs and we will include a refund for this too.

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