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What our Customers Say about our ready-to-wear and bespoke hats

It's so beutiful, thank you so much. I am placing another order for my sister's children right now!
Emma S, Ely
We love your hats for early morning cold water swim. The most important thing is to warm up quickly. We wear the hats into the sea so that they keep our head warm and dry whilst we bob about in the waves!
Dina, St Mawes

Great service, I left it a bit late when ordering a friend's birthday present and they made sure it was sent first class that day and arrived on time. My friend loved her new hat!

Trusted Customer

It is gorgeous - perfect. I’m absolutely delighted with it.


I love my hat, thank you so much. I've been wearing it in all weather whilst I clean out the stables or bring the horses in for the night. It's kept me warm and dry this winter

Jane P, Burwell

Thanks for the very unique hat. She won't be parted from it.
Maddy, London  (on behalf of Isla)