For those of you who don't knit or crochet, here's a range of ready-to-wear alpaca hats. All hats are either knitted by hand, or finished by hand so the quality is the very best.

We love this simple style, and it's very comfortable too. Because it's alpaca yarn....

... you can wear it out in the rain, and still keep your head dry (proven by us frenquently!); it won't itch, even if it's warm and your indoors or the sun comes out - it just stays comfy; it's super uber soft and comfy; dog walkers, gardeners, and horse riders love it because they can crunch it up to nothing in their coat pocket (better without the pompom for this)

Supersoft and made in 75% alpaca, 25% wool. Machine washable at lower temperatures. Comfortable and light to wear.

One size - stretchy fits all adults

 Pompom - we know some of you worry that rabbits are killed to produce fashion pompoms, but we can assure you that all our pompoms are FAUX, but still soft and fluffy.