What is Blocking

Most patterns refer to blocking as the final finish required to complete a piece of work. Some of your creations won't need blocking (e.g. hats and cushions) but we recommend ALWAYS following points 1. to 5. in for a professional finish for all your work. The stitches, which maybe slightly uneven before washing, will settle down and your friends will think you are a pro! 

Blocking is more important for garments, which you need to shape to fit the pattern (or your) measurements.

How to Block

1. Use lukewarm water up 20 degrees centigrate

2. Add a small amount of specialist hand wool wash, and gently drop your work into the water until it is wet. Handle the work gently so as not to damage the lovely natural fibres

3. Place garment on a clean towel, roll up the towel (gently) to squeeze out the water. You can press down on the towel, but don't twist it round

4. Leave to dry on a flat rack for a few minutes 

5. Lay out blocking mats and then lay the garment onto the mats. Adjust the width and length until the work matches the pattern measurements. Pin in place and leave to dry (this can take anything from 12 to 24 hours depending on the environment)