Face masks 100% cotton, washable, comfortable, breathable, double thickness, and unique!

Five reasons to buy Gorgeous facemasks

1. Made to order - so you can customise to your wishes

2. 100% cotton - so you can be sure you are not breathing in chemicals 

3. AND it's always cool and comfortable against the skin

4. Double thickness - protects better against virus droplets 

5. Unique - no-one else can possibly have the same mask as you, because every single one of our masks is slightly different!


Adult 22cm x 10cm 

Child: 19cm x 6.5cmm


Includes a flexible metal bar over the nose to allow you to bend the mask around your nose and under your sunglasses or spectacles (both comfortable and avoids misting up) 

Ties: Come as standard with elastic round the ears, but you can request differetnt attachments.


100% cotton, with white 100% cotton lining and in a wide range of patterns.

New ranges coming in all the time. 


Fully washable at 30 degrees centigrade

Recycle your own style

If you have any old shirt or skirt that you would like made up into face masks, we can do this at the same price. Just drop us an email with a picture of your own item of clothing and we will get back to you. 

Note these are not PPE, but are effective and comfortable face coverings.

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