The Gorgeous Team

Who's behind Gorgeous

Maybe we should start with who started it: arguably Henry (first picture), who fell in love with alpacas, but let's give the credit to the boys themselves. Here's Jazz and Tor at home in their field in a village near Cambridge. Finally, Emma in the garden, long term knitter and crochetier, who has been able to leave her job in sales and marketing to run a business that connects with a great world of people who love creating their own top quality soft furnishings and clothing.


All the yarn we sell is from our own small herd of alpacas or sourced in the UK from other UK herds of alpacas. Some of the yarn is 100% alpaca, others are mixed with up to 50% sheep's wool, also sourced from UK herds

The Design Team

We are always looking for new designers to join our team. Please do email us if you would like to be considered. The current design team consists of Emma, Clare Brown, and Mary Joel.